The Easiest Ways On How To Remove Notification On Chrome For You!

Google Chrome is one useful application to search for something on the internet. This application allows you to reach a lot of interesting things and also some useful information from all of the country. But using this application does not mean you are free from any problems. Some people usually asking for how to remove notification on chrome due to some notification problems. It can disturb you while you are focus on doing something on your PC.

Like another browser, Google Chrome also has features to let some websites send the notification permission. If you allow them to give you some notifications, this can be the reason how is the problem begins. However, for some people outside there, these notifications from Chrome are very useful. This is the fastest way to get the newest information you may need. If you still think it disturbs you, these are the way how to remove notification on chrome.

Open the Setting Button

Google has different settings for Chrome on a PC or Android but it still has the same principle. For Chrome on a PC, the first thing you should do to remove Chrome’s notification is to open the application. This is because all the notification settings are placed in each application, not in general in Windows. The next step is to click three dots on the right top corner of the application.

After clicking the three dots, there will appear some features and you should choose the settings. If the settings tab is already opened, just scroll down and find the advanced button. The advanced button will bring you to some basic settings on Chrome. For example, on your Chrome will appear the settings for the languages, downloads, and many more.

Find the Annoying Website and Block It!

Next, you can choose Site Settings, if you can’t find it just scroll down and read it carefully. After choosing the Site Settings, like usually, there will appear some settings again that probably will make you confused. However, you don’t need to be worry you choose the wrong button because you only need to repeat it from the start. Scroll down your screen and then choose the Notifications option there. There will appear a lot of sites that you have allowed their permission to give notification before.

From here, you need to remember what kind of sites that disturb you with many annoying notifications. If you think that you don’t need any notification again, just click the slider button in line with notifications. But if you only need to shut the notifications from some sites, just scroll down and then found for those sites. Click the three dots in line with that application then choose the Block button.

So there are the easiest steps on how to remove notification on Chrome we can give for you. Removing notification on Chrome probably too long and it can make you confused sometimes. So do it steps by step while you are reading this article. Hope this article can help you and good luck!