Samsung galaxy s20

Samsung galaxy s20

Things To Know From Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung has been one of the brands in the handphone market that people adore. One of their best series that is popular is the S series. Their latest product from the S series is S10. S10 has been launched in the third semester of 2019. Like other Samsung’s launching, S10 has been a hit. Entering 2020, people have been wondering what would be new from Samsung S Series. Rather than S11, Samsung would be releasing Samsung Galaxy S20.

Samsung galaxy s20

Rather than using the number 11, Samsung would be using the number 20. It is because Samsung is equalizing the number to the year of 2020. People must be curious about the features of this new product. Not only about the features but also about the price and the comparison with Samsung S10. To know more about it here is some information to know from Samsung Galaxy S20.

1. The Feature Screen

Talking about the screen, Samsung has one of the best display screens. Not only it has a sophisticated display but also great durability. Besides the quality, the size of the screen is also something that people pay attention to. Some people love a large screen, while others do not like it. For S20, the size of the screen would be 6,9 inches. This means that s20 would be larger than Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus.

2. The Performance

Samsung Galaxy S20 would be one of the flagship smartphones. This would make this handphone using the best components inside. Starting from the chipset, it would use Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990. After that, the RAM of the handphone would also use a great memory. For the best performance, the new Samsung S20 would be using RAM 12GB. For those who love playing games, this handphone would be great to choose.

3. The Camera

A lot of people have been complaining about the bad quality of the camera in the Samsung Galaxy S10. That is why Samsung would give a better camera feature for S20. For the back camera, S20 would have 108 Megapixels. People would be able to capture detail and beautiful picture. Moreover, there would be more features on the camera. Starting from the upgraded night mode, ultrawide, and Telephoto.

4. The Connection

Some countries in the world are starting to use 5G for their connections. However, there are only a few handphone brands that provide a 5G connection. Samsung would be one of the brands that would provide this connection. The new Samsung Galaxy S20 would have a 5G connection. Moreover, this product would also have other connections such as NFC, GPS, Bluetooth v.50 and others.

5. The Price

Samsung has not yet announced to official price about the handphone. However, there are a lot of rumors that it would be cheaper than S10. That means that it would be about at the price of $850. For the plus edition, the price would be about around $1300.

People are curious about Samsung Galaxy S20. However, the release is already near. Samsung would be releasing the new handphone in February 2020. It is predicted that the market would be waiting for this edition and it would be another sold-out product.