most useful apps for android

most useful apps for android

Most Useful Apps For Android To Have

People nowadays are helped by the presence of a smartphone. Moreover, a lot of people also use Android as their daily gadget. They could download many applications through the app store and many of them are free. People usually download an application such as for social media, chatting, playing and photograph. However, some people do not know the most useful apps for Android to have on their handphones.

most useful apps for android

The most useful apps for Android to have are often forgotten. However, people would need the usage of these applications in their daily activities. If they are lucky, when they first bought the handphone, the store would automatically install some applications for them. But if not, then people would need to install it by themselves. Do not worry, here is the list of the most useful apps everyone should have!

1. Adobe Apps

Some people would think that downloading adobe apps are for those who are workers. But it could be useful for anyone. The application does not only allow us to read some rare documents on the handphone. But with the application people would also be able to do some photo editing. Moreover, they could also to some utilizes, scan and even do some drawing. That is why it important to have this application in the handphone.

2. LastPass Password Manager

The following most useful apps for Android to have is LastPass Password Manager. Having this application is a must because forgetting a password sucks. Especially for those who currently use different passwords for different devices. This application allows us to save any kind of username and password. However, do not worry about security because all data are safe in a secure way. It is all managed by one master password.

3. Podcast Addict

Who does not love music? Having a podcast music application is also a must. People usually download music applications that could only play music online. However, there is a music podcast that could do more. The podcast addict is an application that music lovers should have. Not only people would able to listen to music, but there are also other activities. Such as radio, video clips, audiobooks, and even karaoke songs.


A lot of people might not know what IFTTT is. However, it is also one of the most useful apps for Android to have. This application allows the handphone to create commands to do simple and basic tasks. For example, it could auto delete the bugs files in the handphone. Also, it could switch off the applications that are currently not used so that it could speed up the handphone performance.

5. Google Assistant

Another application that people must have is Google Assistant. Usually, it would be already on the handphone once people have login into the google account. This application is useful because it could do so many things. Starting from answering any questions, setting up reminders, and do any commands we ask.

Besides downloading the social media and chatting applications, remember also to download these most useful apps for Android. Even though some of the applications are not free to have, but it would be worth to have. Enjoy!