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How To Reset Windows 10 Without Login Easily

Doing Windows 10 reset often occurs if the problem is affected by a virus or other problems. But sometimes we have to login first, before resetting.  If you forget your password? The big problem happened. You must know how to reset Windows 10 without login. Here are the steps:

Know The Level Of Damage

The first step, how to reset Windows 10 without login. You must know. Before doing a reset, you must know the level of damage in Windows 10. Thus, there is an appropriate solution to resolve the issue.  Here is the level of damage to Windows 10, namely:

The first level, some of the features available on Windows 10, do not work properly.  The virus has hidden this feature.  Don’t worry, you can still reset Windows 10, even without logging in, to fix it.  Thus, you need to learn the steps to how to reset Windows 10 without logging in.

The second level of damage is Windows logs out on its own, even when the user is using it.  This is because the level of spread of the virus has become more extensive than the first level.

The third level of damage in Windows 10, namely the occurrence of a black link or monitor screen suddenly blanks and the monitor looks dead.  This happened, in addition to being caused by a virus, also because the first installation process did not run perfectly.  Therefore, in that case, the user must reinstall.

Steps Reset Windows 10

After knowing the damage levels, that way you can solve your problem in the right way. Thus, here are how to reset Windows 10 without login in step by step:

  • Firstly, click the “Windows logo”, then click “Settings” or gear logo.
  • Afterward, click “Update & Security”.
  • Once finished, then click “Recovery”, then click “Get Started”. Later, there will be three choices later, you are free to choose whichever you need.  Here are some choices. Then at the “Keep My Files” option, if you want your personal data to be saved. Do remember, that the “Remove Everything” option is an option where your hard disk will be formatted clean so that there is no data left except the Windows operating. Meanwhile, the “Restore Factory Setting” option, this option only exists on factory or OEM packaged computers.  Its function is to restore the settings to the original position just like leaving the factory.
  • Then, continue to click “Next” and “Next” instead.
  • Finally, click “Reset”.  Then you only need to wait for the reset process or reinstall to finish.

Make it Easily

By studying the steps above.  Resetting Windows 10 is easier because you don’t need to log in.  Especially for those of you who forget the password to log in.  This method is the easiest way to reset Windows 10 without logging in.

However, the severity of virus damage in Windows 10 is very influential.  If your Windows 10 is badly damaged, then inevitably you have to reinstall, which of course takes a long time.  If there is an easy way, then, you no longer need to log in.

How to reset Windows 10 without login in is an easy way to reset.  But beforehand, please know the level of damage that occurs in Windows 10. If there is an easy way?  For what do the hard way.