Step By Step How To Create Apple ID Without Credit Card On iPhone And MacBook

Having an Apple device, such as an iPhone and MacBook and a PC requires Apple Id.  This is useful so that important data is not lost.  Sometimes in making Apple Id paid and not paid, often the payment is often using a credit card.  But how about you, if you don’t have a credit card? Absolutely yes. The following will explain how to create Apple id without credit card, namely:

Know the Payment Method at the Time of Registration

Apple id registration always requests payment methods.  Apple always asks for credit card information for payment methods.  But if you don’t have a credit card, you can still use other payment methods.  That is because Apple has a special system for making purchases contained in the Apple Store.  So as to provide convenience for each transaction.

Although at the time of registration, it can be done without payment, so, how to create Apple id without credit card. These methods include Apple Pay, which is a digital wallet on Apple, Debit card and Credit card, and other payment methods that differ depending on each region

Apple ID registration on iPhone

If you don’t have a credit card, you can still register for an Apple ID using a debit card or other applicable payment method. So, you know how to create Apple id without credit card. The following explanation :

  1. Choose the App Store, then choose the profile photo.
  2. Select and you just tap Create
  3. Type your email, and choose the country or region that corresponds to the billing address for the payment method.
  4. You provide to get a new Apple ID. * Read Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, then click agree to Terms and Conditions.
  5. Then click Next. Type of your biodata, including your name and date of birth, then click to subscribe to Apple Update if you want. You will receive the latest news, software, products, and services from Apple. 
  6. In the payment column, select the payment method that you would do without a credit card, you can using debit cards and other payment methods. Then click Next.  You can also choose None, and learn what to do if Nothing does appear or you cannot select it.  You can change or delete payment details later.
  7. You just rewrite a telephone number for confirming. This step can help verify your identity and recover your account if needed. Once finish click next.
  8. You will receive a verification email, then follow the instructions to verify the email address.  Learn what to do. And finish.

Apple ID Registration on MacBook

How to create an Apple id without a credit card, you can do it during registration on a MacBook.  The following explanation step by steps:

  1. Choose the App Store, then search for the free app.
  2. Click Install.
  3. Tap Create. The application will ask you to enter payment information, select None for the type of payment or select your debit card if you don’t have a credit card See what to do if None is displayed or you cannot select it.
  4. After those steps are done. You will receive an email confirmation to verify your data.

That is easy, right? Hopefully, this article can inspire those of you who don’t have a credit card. Now, you just create, how to create Apple id without credit card.