video editing programs for windows

Top 5 Video Editing Programs for Windows In 2020

Lately, many people want to learn video editing to meet their needs in posting videos on social media. Or, they just want to get new capabilities in video editing. They can learn this capability by installing video editing programs for Windows.

video editing programs for windows

You can learn it easily if you use the right video-editing program. Therefore, you should try various video-editing programs that are suitable for you. Here are video editing programs for Windows, which is easy for you to get:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

The program developed by Adobe is a video-editing program that is often used by professionals. This is because this video editing program has very complete features.

This video editing program is suitable for those of you who have professional jobs as video editors. However, if you want to use this video editing program, you have to pay it monthly.

2. Sony Vegas Pro 13

You cannot doubt this video-editing program about making videos and music. This is because this video editing program has features as diverse as professional-grade video editing programs. However, you will still easily use this video editing program.

Even though Sony Vegas Pro is targeting the professional class, they want the program to be easy for beginners to use. For example, you can see a simple timeline that is divided into video and sound. You can also stack multiple videos and audio directly on different tracks.

3. Cyberlink Power Director 17

This one of the video editing programs for Windows belongs to the Cyberlink Company. In addition to editing videos manually, you can also edit using the Express Video Creation feature. This feature can allow you to edit videos quickly.

You can also use this video editing program for professional needs. The features of this editing program are 360 video editing, motion tracking, chroma key, and so on. This lightweight PC video editing program only requires a minimum of 2GB RAM to be able to use it.

4. Corel Video Studio

Corel Company developed this video editing program. This company has long been in the software industry; they are also a pioneer in all types of software.

This video editing program is very light for your daily use. However, the features of this video editing program are quite complete and suitable for beginners. If you are a beginner at video editing, this video editing program is perfect for you.

5. AVS Video Editor

This video editing program has an interactive display, so it is easy for you to use. Besides, this video editing program has very complete features suitable for those of you who want to learn to edit videos. This video editing program also has a small file size despite having complete features.

One of the advantages of this video editing program is the use of video cache technology. This technology enables the FullHD video editing process to run more smoothly and very quickly. To do video editing, AVS Video Editor provides timeline options. Thus separating editing between video, effects, text, and audio.

There are many choices of video editing programs for windows. You can try one by one the video editing program that suits your needs. However, you must ensure that the specifications of the video editing program match your device.

WhatsApp Service Stopped 2020

WhatsApp Service Stopped 2020 And The Other Things Behind

WhatsApp was surprising their millions of smartphone users with what announced. This chat application won’t work anymore in 2020. That was absolutely a nightmare for everyone because since it was in the market, the users were still increasing until now. But don’t be worry because WhatsApp decides this only for several phones. In this article, you will know more why WhatsApp service stopped 2020 and which phones unluckily have to left behind.

WhatsApp Service Stopped 2020

The main reason why WhatsApp stops their service because they don’t do any development for several phones. That was what all media captured from the WhatsApp site. They proved their statement by phasing out the support to certain phones. Thus, the users of these phones cannot get an update in the future.

Phones That Won’t Get the Support Anymore

Instead of you are wondering which phones WhatsApp stopped, here we have a list that shows you the phone operating system. You might have this phone or not. But just pay attention to it. Because WhatsApp service stopped 2020 will be applied for these phones:

1. Windows Phone

All Windows Phone users might be disappointed because WhatsApp stopped its service for it. It started from the last of December which was 31st December 2019. At the same time WhatsApp announced their decision, they reminded all users that WhatsApp could stop anytime. It was due to there was no update supporting system anymore.

2. iOS 8

Sadly, it happens to iOS users too. WhatsApp announced that the operating system will stop working for iOS 8 by February 2020. Actually, it is not only for iOS 8 but also all iPhone which released before (older). You are not able to create the account anymore. Or, if you just bought the iOS 8, then you cannot re-verifying the previous account. So just forget your account, unless you let go of the iOS 8 phones.

3. Android 2.3.7

Do you feel as safe as Android users? Well, hold on yourself because WhatsApp, unfortunately, decides the same thing. They stop their service for all phones with an Android 2.3.7 system. Just like for the iOS 8, WhatsApp service stops their support by February 2020. Also, all Android phones older than Android 2.3.7 won’t get this service anymore. Thus, now check your phone system and Android version. If it is Android 2.3.7, be ready to lose this chatting app.

What Phones That Still Supported

To calm the public, WhatsApp also informed that they still give the service for several phones. For example, the phone with Android 4.0.3, iPhone with iOS 9, and all phones that launched afterward. People who use that phone still get support and update. More phones that WhatsApp won’t stop the service is Linux phones operated KaiOS 2.5.1 and previous ones. It is including the JioPhone and JioPhone 2 which are still supported by WhatsApp. 

Knowing that WhatsApp is very friendly for the starter phone until the high-end one, many people feel sad about it. However, as WhatsApp service stopped 2020, the public just can hope that it fulfills their promise which made a chat service more proper for the market. Because after we lost the Blackberry Messanger, WhatsApp placed its place very well inside everyone’s heart.