best apps for drawing on ipad

Best Apps For Drawing On iPad For Any Occasions

As time goes by, technology has been growing quickly. Many kinds of technology have helped people in doing their activities, including drawing. People now could draw directly on their gadgets, without having to work twice. One of the gadgets that people could draw digitally is with using iPad. They could draw directly or using an external pen. All they need to do is to download the best apps for drawing on iPad.

Not only drawing on iPad is for design students or adults. But little kids could also draw on digital gadgets as well. It is cleaner and more practical than using a piece of paper and some crayons. Moreover, the mess that they could create. That is why currently using the best apps for drawing on iPad is a great alternative as well. Here are some apps that people should download on their iPad. Starting from the apps for kids up to the pros.

1. Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad is a great drawing application for children to use and explore their creativity. The application would start with a blank canvas with various tools to use. Starting from markers, brushes, pencils, and more. Just like a professional application but made for the juniors. Moreover, there are also other features such as portrait and landscape mode. It is one of the most realistic children drawing applications as well.

2. How to Draw app

The second drawing application that people could download is “How to Draw App”. This application suites well for children, especially for those who are learning how to draw. The application would teach kids how to draw animals, cartoons, and other things. The application is equipped with instructions. Besides drawing, kids are also able to do some colorings.

3. Affinity Designer App

Now, the best apps for drawing on iPad for the adults. Affinity Designer is an application for those who want to draw vectors on their iPad. The digital image and works well and smoothly. The drawing tools are complete, especially if users use apple pencils as well. However, people would need to buy it on the app store for 20$

4. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Another application for vector drawing on iPad is Adobe Illustrator Draw. It is another alternative besides the affinity designer app. While the previous application is not free, users could get this app for free within a condition. They need to buy storage of 20GB for 2$ a month. Another great thing is that users could also access their work on the computer or other devices as well. Whether on Mac gadgets or not.

5. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch is one of the best apps for drawing on iPad as well. It is suitable for those who are into sketching, drawing, and painting, besides vector graphics. However, in iPad, the features are not as complete as the ones on the computer, of course. There are plenty of tools that users could use. If it is lack, they could still import some other tools.

The best apps for drawing on iPad could be used whether for the juniors or the professionals as well. With using an Apple Pen, they could explore their creativity, Moreover, they could also create a piece of art.

best apps for making music

Here Are The Top 5 Best Apps For Making Music

The era of globalization and the advancement of technology make everything easier. Not only to shopping but also to produce music will be easy to cause technology, right? Are you a music lover? Are You often making your music? Here the perfect article to support your music production. As you know there are many apps for making music that you can use. But not all making music app is easy to use. Therefore, you have to know the suitable app to produce your perfect own music. Here the top 5 best apps for making music that you can use.

best apps for making music

As you know that music becomes one of the important things for everyone. If someone feels sad or happy, they can express it into the music. Currently, many people like to produce their music. So, you have to read some music maker app below.

1. Apple GarageBand

If you are the Apple users, you can produce your music using this app. The most popular for making music is Apple Garageband. You can find all kinds of music stuff like piano, drum, microphone, event using effect for your voice. If you still a beginner for making music, you can use a smart keyboard to create grooves. It will help you to make your music perfect with a good groove.

2. Steinberg Cubasis

Have you ever heard about Steinberg Cubasis before? It is one of the popular digital audio workstations for making perfect music. You will find a different thing in this music app. There is an unlimited audio track that possible for you to produce music easily. You also will have high-resolution of your music and other music features when using this app. This is the best apps for making music that you ever hear, right?

3. Image-Line FL Studio Mobile HD

If you want a cheaper music maker app, it is the perfect choice for you. This music maker app is cheaper than 2 music makers above. But never be afraid because the feature of this app also competes with the others above. Besides you can add the effect and track your record, you also will find more than 130 instruments for you. It will help you to make your music perfectly, right? You can also upload your music to drive or sound cloud even send an email to all your friends. Through this app your friend will hear your perfect music now.

4. Native Instruments iMaschine 2

This is the other best apps for making music for you. Native Instruments iMaschine 2 is the mobile version of Native Instrument that you ever heard before. If you need a handheld drum machine for making your music, you will find it in this app. You also can use 16 buttons for your real-time music production. It will help you to replay your instrument before. Not only that, but this app also provides more than 400 sample sounds to help you produce music.

5. Akai iMPC Pro

If you are the users of the Akai MPC drum machine, this is the best alternative app for you.  Akai iMPC Pro is the application version of Akai MPC. Well, you will found lots of the same features here. You will have a 64 track capability event live to sequence when using this app.

After read those best apps for making music above, have you decide which one you want to use? One important thing before you choose your best music maker app is the purpose of your music maker. You make to make sure that your app should be suitable for your music maker purpose, right?

online file converter pdf to word

Free And Easy Online File Converter PDF To Word

PDF is a common file that people most use. People could use it one handphone, tablet, laptop, and on computer. PDF is most used because people could easily open and read the file in any gadget. However, people are not able to edit the file. People should use an application to help them edit a PDF file. One of the files that people could edit from PDF is into a Word file. Rather than downloading a new application, people could use an online file converter PDF to Word.

online file converter pdf to word

It is important to choose the right online converter PDF to word. It is because it is important to keep the file save. Besides the security, keeping the quality of the file is also important. Sometimes, after converting a file, the quality of the file would decrease. Moreover, if people convert a big file, it would also take more time, but not all. To know the best free and east ones, here is the list of online file converter PDF to word.


Firstly, the online platform that people could use is Not only that people would be able to change a PDF file to word, but also to other files as well. The website also guarantees the security of the file. People would not need to worry about converting their important files. The website is also equipped with the link from google drive and dropbox as well.


The next online file converter PDF to Word is By simply dragging the file into the web, people would easily change their PDF files into Word. The other great thing from this web is that people could first separate the PDF file first before changing it into Word. Moreover, people would also able to do more actions with this web.


The third website for changing pdf file into word file is After changing the file, people would need to download the doc file. They could download it as a separate file or even a ZIP file where all files are in one file. This could save more time because not people need to change every page or file. Moreover, the quality of the file would not decrease.


The other online file converter PDF to Word is The display of the web is simple and easy to understand. As for this web, people would be able to change a pdf file quickly. The web even claims to change files in only seconds. Do not worry about the quality because the quality is still preserved.


People are also able to change files using While another website is free to use, it would give some limitations of files. With, people would able to change files 100% free without a limitation as well. Files larger than 10MB are also able in this web.

With the online platform, people nowadays do not need to download applications to complete their work. One of them is the online file converter PDF to word. Moreover, the webs are mostly free to use with no logins.

how to enable whatsapp dark mode

How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode On Your Phone-PC

WhatsApp keeps on developing its application so that people can get the best service. Now, WhatsApp can deliver many kinds of files from photos, music, until documents. One of the newest development from WhatsApp is the dark mode for phones and PC. By applying dark mode, the background of the theme will be black or dark colors. The purpose of this mode is making people enjoy using WhatsApp without having to worry about their battery use. However, many people do not know how to enable WhatsApp dark mode on their phones. 

how to enable whatsapp dark mode

However, for those who want to apply this mode must know that this feature is not yet perfect. There are still many bugs on this feature, therefore there some issues might occur. The problems aren’t big and still being solved by the company, so it is not a big issue for users. So, for those who want to apply dark mode, here is the way on how to enable WhatsApp dark mode. Also, here are some advantages of dark mode that you can get after applying it:

1. Update WhatsApp Beta

Every phone can use dark mode; however, you must make sure that it is already updated on Beta mode. WhatsApp Beta is the most updated version of WhatsApp, so make sure your application has been updated. Therefore, the first step to use dark mode is to update the application from Google Play or Play store.

2. Change Mode in Setting

The next step on how to enable dark mode on your phone is by going to Setting. Choose the application and search the setting menu on the screen. Then choose the menu chats and choose the option theme. There are many themes you can apply, however, choose the dark. It will not take too long until the display will change into a darker color. 

3. Back-Up History Chat

The dark mode is not perfect yet, therefore some problems may occur when you apply this model. One of the problems that people face is lost chats. Therefore, before updating your WhatsApp, you should back up your chats first. It is possible that when you apply dark mode, some of your chats will disappear. 

4. Save Battery Usage

One of the advantages of this feature on WhatsApp is that people can save up their battery usage. When people use normal themes on their phone, it drains the battery usage. However, by applying the dark theme, the color of the theme will become dark. This will reduce the battery usage of your phone and save some battery. So, this feature is helpful to save up battery usage without using a certain app. 

5. Free of Price

Those who want to apply this on their phone can download it for free. The application is available for free, so anyone can download it. However, there is a premium version of if people want a more advanced feature on their phone. 

So, the steps on how to enable WhatsApp dark mode on your phone is very easy. It is also free of price, so apply this mode on your phone to save some battery usage. And make sure to back up some of your chats before updating it. 

best apps for office communication

Best Apps For Office Communication-A Way To Communicate Among Coworkers

The main key to achieve success in the company is through communication. Well, that’s to be expected as you need to communicate to get through what you want. However, sometimes you just too busy to talk with your co-worker or your supervisor. There is a case where the department is too far apart make it hard to communicate about the works. That’s why you need the apps which make it easier to communicate. And the list bellow is the best apps for office communication.

best apps for office communication

1. ProofHub

One of the best apps for office communication is ProofHub. It is a chat app that allows you to chat with your teams and client in the office. This app features a one-on-one chat, so there will be no misunderstanding in the office. There is also a group chat where you can communicate with all of your team and talk about the projects together.

Need a discussion with you faraway teammates? It’s possible with this app as it can create discussion so you can brainstorm the topics you need to even without meeting up. You can say that ProofHub is a handy app that will help teams increase their teamwork.

2. Slack

The most popular communication apps for the companies, especially where most of the worker is remote. There are a lot of features that befit the worker and co-worker who can’t meet up all the time. One of the features is chat rooms organized by topic so you will not find people who love spamming in the chat room.

You can also make a private group chat and even direct messaging to other workers. Furthermore, you can easily look for the files that once saved there, the members of the apps and even the groups you’re in. This makes it easier to pull up the previous conversation. You can install this app in iOs, Android, Windows Phone and Web.

3. DialMyCalls

Sometimes the company needs to send a notification to all of the workers. To do that, an app that can easily send a mass notification is needed. DialMyCalls is that app to fulfill your company’s needs. Not only can send out an important file, but this app also can be a reminder to the worker about the upcoming event, meeting and even due dates. There is also a feature that makes you anonymous, so you can throwing complaints about the company and its way of work.

4. Skype

You must ever hear about skype, don’t you? This app is wide-known as the best apps for office communication. From messaging, calling and video-call, everything is available in this app. Furthermore, you can use an instant message to connect with the people in the office. The sharing features are also simple that makes it easy for people who are not well known to technology.

The communication apps are tools that help the company to keep its communication efficient. Even if you can’t meet up with the client or your co-worker, as long as you use the apps, you won’t have a hard time communicating with them. And with the best apps for office communication, your work will be faster and efficient.

nvidia graphics card ranking

NVIDIA Graphics Card Ranking Of 2020 You Should Know

Wondering the graphic card processor of your computer, NVIDIA might be the most wanted graphics processor. Then, many people want to have the best of NVIDIA. In fact, NVIDIA provides more than one graphic card. It has some kinds of graphics card which has different requirement and ability. In addition, some graphics cards will have the greatest powerful card than others. That kind of card will provide the fastest processor for your computer. We will explain the NVIDIA graphics card ranking based on the greatest graphic card.

nvidia graphics card ranking

1. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

The greatest and also the most wanted graphics card processor is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. This graphics card provides the boost clock amount 1635MHz. moreover, the memory include of this graphics card is 11GB GDDR6 while the memory bandwidth is 616GB/s. The CUDA Cores is 4352. By all those requirements, we can say that the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is the fastest graphics. It also helps you to learn the deep technology with ray tracing. At least, the cost that you must pay for these graphics is not cheap. the cost amount 1.168.88 US dollars.

2. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super

The second rank of NVIDIA graphics card ranking is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super. This graphics is the second fastest of the graphics card. It also has the ray racing technology that will help you to learn deeply about technology. In fact, it has slight differences between NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. It has 1815MHz of boost clock, 8GB GDDR6 of memory, 496GB/s of memory Bandwidth, 3072 of CUDA Cores. The price is still expensive as the previous graphics amount to 669.99 US Dollars.

3. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080

Wondering the best graphics card, you should know the information about the NVIDIA Graphics card ranking. Therefore, you can determine the graphics card that you need with the requirements. At least, it has slight differences with the previous located on the boost clock, memory bandwidth, and also Cuda cores. Commonly, this graphics is currently suitable for gaming. Even the RTX 2080 Ti is the fastest graphics card, the RTX 2080 is also the fast graphics card.

4. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super

The fourth NVIDIA graphics card ranking is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super. If the previous is very suitable for gaming, these graphics have lower ability than the previous ones. Even it has lower ability than the previous graphics card, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super is the best GPU for most people with Ray racing and deep technology. Therefore, you are still able to use this Graphics card on your computer.

5. AMD Radeon VII

The last position of the most wanted graphics card ranking is AMD Radeon VII. It is the first 7nm graphics card with a good performance amount 144p and 4K. It also has 16GB of memory and 1000GB/s of memory bandwidth.

The previous explanation is the 5 best NVIDIA graphics card ranking. Those graphic cards are the highest quality of graphics card. However, there are so many graphics card exist among people except for the previous graphics card.

best apps to learn a language

The Best Apps To Learn A Language For Kids

People often learn a new language by joining course classes, whether it is an online or offline course. Not only from course classes, but people could also learn a new language from applications as well. There are many platforms that provide to learn new things. Moreover, some of the applications are also available for kids to learn. Parents could download for their children the best apps to learn a language or two.

best apps to learn a language

Children are more easily to learn a new thing than adults. That is why it is important for children to learn as many things as they could. However, teaching a kid is not as easy as it is. Kids are also easy to get bored. The method should be fun and relaxing, but effective. One of the methods is with using a gadget. Parents could download the application on the handphone/tablet for their children. Here are the best apps to learn a language for kids.

1. The Pacca Alpaca

The first application that parents could choose is the Pacca Alpaca application. With this app, children could learn many kinds of languages. Starting from English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, German, French until Welsh. The application has native speakers and some challenges in it so that the children do. After passing some of the challenges, they would able to receive some and collect souvenirs. It is fun and exciting enough for children to continually learn.

2. The Teach Kids Languages

One of the best apps to learn a language is Teach Kids Language. The application would teach children to learn a language in a fun way, which is with games. Children would able to learn by playing games such as memory games, puzzles, and quizzes. However, the application is the focus to teach about vocab and spelling. Kids would be able to learn about English, Dutch, Spanish, Esperanto, and Polish.

3. The Fluent U

Another application that kids could use for learning a new language is the Fluent U application. Not only that kids could use this application, but also adults too. The application provides fun things for both kids and adults. Starting from a cartoon, music videos, movie trailers, interesting news, and talks. Moreover, there are about 10 languages that people could learn in this application.

4. The Gus on the Go

The next application parents should download is the Gus on the Go application. It is one of the best apps to learn a language for kids. It has more than 28 languages available. Starting from the famous languages such as German, Chinese, French, until the less known languages like Armenian and Croatian. Children would love the cute animations and characters.

5. The Study Cat

Another application that is cute to use for children is the study. With this application, kids are able to learn through games that are more engaging. Kids would also learn about the basic things first such as colors, animals, parts of the body, and foods. Moreover, there would be scoring at the end of some sections.

Learning a new language might not be an easy thing to do. However, with these best apps to learn a language, learning becomes fun and exciting. Remember to accompany the kid while using the gadget.

most useful apps for android

Most Useful Apps For Android To Have

People nowadays are helped by the presence of a smartphone. Moreover, a lot of people also use Android as their daily gadget. They could download many applications through the app store and many of them are free. People usually download an application such as for social media, chatting, playing and photograph. However, some people do not know the most useful apps for Android to have on their handphones.

most useful apps for android

The most useful apps for Android to have are often forgotten. However, people would need the usage of these applications in their daily activities. If they are lucky, when they first bought the handphone, the store would automatically install some applications for them. But if not, then people would need to install it by themselves. Do not worry, here is the list of the most useful apps everyone should have!

1. Adobe Apps

Some people would think that downloading adobe apps are for those who are workers. But it could be useful for anyone. The application does not only allow us to read some rare documents on the handphone. But with the application people would also be able to do some photo editing. Moreover, they could also to some utilizes, scan and even do some drawing. That is why it important to have this application in the handphone.

2. LastPass Password Manager

The following most useful apps for Android to have is LastPass Password Manager. Having this application is a must because forgetting a password sucks. Especially for those who currently use different passwords for different devices. This application allows us to save any kind of username and password. However, do not worry about security because all data are safe in a secure way. It is all managed by one master password.

3. Podcast Addict

Who does not love music? Having a podcast music application is also a must. People usually download music applications that could only play music online. However, there is a music podcast that could do more. The podcast addict is an application that music lovers should have. Not only people would able to listen to music, but there are also other activities. Such as radio, video clips, audiobooks, and even karaoke songs.


A lot of people might not know what IFTTT is. However, it is also one of the most useful apps for Android to have. This application allows the handphone to create commands to do simple and basic tasks. For example, it could auto delete the bugs files in the handphone. Also, it could switch off the applications that are currently not used so that it could speed up the handphone performance.

5. Google Assistant

Another application that people must have is Google Assistant. Usually, it would be already on the handphone once people have login into the google account. This application is useful because it could do so many things. Starting from answering any questions, setting up reminders, and do any commands we ask.

Besides downloading the social media and chatting applications, remember also to download these most useful apps for Android. Even though some of the applications are not free to have, but it would be worth to have. Enjoy!

Samsung galaxy s20

Things To Know From Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung has been one of the brands in the handphone market that people adore. One of their best series that is popular is the S series. Their latest product from the S series is S10. S10 has been launched in the third semester of 2019. Like other Samsung’s launching, S10 has been a hit. Entering 2020, people have been wondering what would be new from Samsung S Series. Rather than S11, Samsung would be releasing Samsung Galaxy S20.

Samsung galaxy s20

Rather than using the number 11, Samsung would be using the number 20. It is because Samsung is equalizing the number to the year of 2020. People must be curious about the features of this new product. Not only about the features but also about the price and the comparison with Samsung S10. To know more about it here is some information to know from Samsung Galaxy S20.

1. The Feature Screen

Talking about the screen, Samsung has one of the best display screens. Not only it has a sophisticated display but also great durability. Besides the quality, the size of the screen is also something that people pay attention to. Some people love a large screen, while others do not like it. For S20, the size of the screen would be 6,9 inches. This means that s20 would be larger than Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus.

2. The Performance

Samsung Galaxy S20 would be one of the flagship smartphones. This would make this handphone using the best components inside. Starting from the chipset, it would use Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990. After that, the RAM of the handphone would also use a great memory. For the best performance, the new Samsung S20 would be using RAM 12GB. For those who love playing games, this handphone would be great to choose.

3. The Camera

A lot of people have been complaining about the bad quality of the camera in the Samsung Galaxy S10. That is why Samsung would give a better camera feature for S20. For the back camera, S20 would have 108 Megapixels. People would be able to capture detail and beautiful picture. Moreover, there would be more features on the camera. Starting from the upgraded night mode, ultrawide, and Telephoto.

4. The Connection

Some countries in the world are starting to use 5G for their connections. However, there are only a few handphone brands that provide a 5G connection. Samsung would be one of the brands that would provide this connection. The new Samsung Galaxy S20 would have a 5G connection. Moreover, this product would also have other connections such as NFC, GPS, Bluetooth v.50 and others.

5. The Price

Samsung has not yet announced to official price about the handphone. However, there are a lot of rumors that it would be cheaper than S10. That means that it would be about at the price of $850. For the plus edition, the price would be about around $1300.

People are curious about Samsung Galaxy S20. However, the release is already near. Samsung would be releasing the new handphone in February 2020. It is predicted that the market would be waiting for this edition and it would be another sold-out product.

video editing programs for windows

Top 5 Video Editing Programs for Windows In 2020

Lately, many people want to learn video editing to meet their needs in posting videos on social media. Or, they just want to get new capabilities in video editing. They can learn this capability by installing video editing programs for Windows.

video editing programs for windows

You can learn it easily if you use the right video-editing program. Therefore, you should try various video-editing programs that are suitable for you. Here are video editing programs for Windows, which is easy for you to get:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

The program developed by Adobe is a video-editing program that is often used by professionals. This is because this video editing program has very complete features.

This video editing program is suitable for those of you who have professional jobs as video editors. However, if you want to use this video editing program, you have to pay it monthly.

2. Sony Vegas Pro 13

You cannot doubt this video-editing program about making videos and music. This is because this video editing program has features as diverse as professional-grade video editing programs. However, you will still easily use this video editing program.

Even though Sony Vegas Pro is targeting the professional class, they want the program to be easy for beginners to use. For example, you can see a simple timeline that is divided into video and sound. You can also stack multiple videos and audio directly on different tracks.

3. Cyberlink Power Director 17

This one of the video editing programs for Windows belongs to the Cyberlink Company. In addition to editing videos manually, you can also edit using the Express Video Creation feature. This feature can allow you to edit videos quickly.

You can also use this video editing program for professional needs. The features of this editing program are 360 video editing, motion tracking, chroma key, and so on. This lightweight PC video editing program only requires a minimum of 2GB RAM to be able to use it.

4. Corel Video Studio

Corel Company developed this video editing program. This company has long been in the software industry; they are also a pioneer in all types of software.

This video editing program is very light for your daily use. However, the features of this video editing program are quite complete and suitable for beginners. If you are a beginner at video editing, this video editing program is perfect for you.

5. AVS Video Editor

This video editing program has an interactive display, so it is easy for you to use. Besides, this video editing program has very complete features suitable for those of you who want to learn to edit videos. This video editing program also has a small file size despite having complete features.

One of the advantages of this video editing program is the use of video cache technology. This technology enables the FullHD video editing process to run more smoothly and very quickly. To do video editing, AVS Video Editor provides timeline options. Thus separating editing between video, effects, text, and audio.

There are many choices of video editing programs for windows. You can try one by one the video editing program that suits your needs. However, you must ensure that the specifications of the video editing program match your device.