Options On How to Change Spotify Username

There is now a lot of online music platform that people could and listen to. With the online platform, people could listen to songs whether they like without buying the CD or buying the song. Some platforms even provide its video clip and lyric. One of the music platforms that people often use is Spotify. However, there is a unique thing about Spotify. Unlikely like other social media platforms, people are not able to change their username. But there is still a way on how to change Spotify username.

When signing up at the beginning, people would enter using their email address or Facebook account. For those who use the email address, they would able to create their own username. Meanwhile, for those who use the Facebook account, then the username that shows up would be the same as Facebook. Here are some options on how to change Spotify username.

1. Change Facebook’s Username

The first thing that people could do to change their username is specific for those who register using Facebook. As told before, for people who register with using Facebook, their username would be exactly like their Facebook username. To change their Spotify username, all they need is to change their Facebook username. It would then automatically change the Spotify’s username as well. Make sure those two-app merge together to change both usernames.

2. Login to the Email Address and Connect to Facebook

For those who have already registered with using an email address, but want to change their username, still can. The next option on how to change Spotify’s username is login in with the email address. After that, connect it to Facebook.

People would also need to enter some info that they have entered on register. Next, people could connect it through a PC or a handphone. However, make sure that the Facebook on the PC or handphone is already our account. Otherwise, it would not a success.

3. Create a New Account Through Facebook

As another alternative, people could also just create a new account. However, to ease people if they want to change the username again one day, register through Facebook. Make sure that the Facebook account on the device is already using our device. Otherwise, once it is done, people would then not able to change their username, again.

4. Make a New Account

The next option on how to change Spotify’s username is by creating a new account. But do not worry about losing the previous record or playlist. After creating a new account and using the username that we want, we could get the previous record back. Just contact the Spotify’s customer support and request to transfer every detail to the new account. After that, close the previous account.

5. Change the Display Name

People might not be able to change their username on Spotify. If people do not want to make a new account, they could simply do another option. People could still change their display name and customize it.

People might want to change their username on their accounts, including on Spotify. Even though people could not directly change it, there are still some options on how to change Spotify username. Before changing it, make sure the username is final.