How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode On Your Phone-PC

WhatsApp keeps on developing its application so that people can get the best service. Now, WhatsApp can deliver many kinds of files from photos, music, until documents. One of the newest development from WhatsApp is the dark mode for phones and PC. By applying dark mode, the background of the theme will be black or dark colors. The purpose of this mode is making people enjoy using WhatsApp without having to worry about their battery use. However, many people do not know how to enable WhatsApp dark mode on their phones. 

how to enable whatsapp dark mode

However, for those who want to apply this mode must know that this feature is not yet perfect. There are still many bugs on this feature, therefore there some issues might occur. The problems aren’t big and still being solved by the company, so it is not a big issue for users. So, for those who want to apply dark mode, here is the way on how to enable WhatsApp dark mode. Also, here are some advantages of dark mode that you can get after applying it:

1. Update WhatsApp Beta

Every phone can use dark mode; however, you must make sure that it is already updated on Beta mode. WhatsApp Beta is the most updated version of WhatsApp, so make sure your application has been updated. Therefore, the first step to use dark mode is to update the application from Google Play or Play store.

2. Change Mode in Setting

The next step on how to enable dark mode on your phone is by going to Setting. Choose the application and search the setting menu on the screen. Then choose the menu chats and choose the option theme. There are many themes you can apply, however, choose the dark. It will not take too long until the display will change into a darker color. 

3. Back-Up History Chat

The dark mode is not perfect yet, therefore some problems may occur when you apply this model. One of the problems that people face is lost chats. Therefore, before updating your WhatsApp, you should back up your chats first. It is possible that when you apply dark mode, some of your chats will disappear. 

4. Save Battery Usage

One of the advantages of this feature on WhatsApp is that people can save up their battery usage. When people use normal themes on their phone, it drains the battery usage. However, by applying the dark theme, the color of the theme will become dark. This will reduce the battery usage of your phone and save some battery. So, this feature is helpful to save up battery usage without using a certain app. 

5. Free of Price

Those who want to apply this on their phone can download it for free. The application is available for free, so anyone can download it. However, there is a premium version of if people want a more advanced feature on their phone. 

So, the steps on how to enable WhatsApp dark mode on your phone is very easy. It is also free of price, so apply this mode on your phone to save some battery usage. And make sure to back up some of your chats before updating it.