How To Create QR Code For Maps To Share Location

With the development of technology, everything has now become easier and possible including sharing location. These days people can easily know the path or ways of a location using maps online. There are many kinds of apps that provide maps to show the direction of a location to ease people. However, these technologies have become even more advanced because people can now show a location just from a QR code. Just with a QR code, people will just need to scan it and they will get the directions of the place. So how to create QR code for maps to share with people?

These past few years QR code has become a trend. Many people in their invitation insert a QR code that people can scan to show their location. This is very useful as people don’t need to get confused in looking for directions. Now for those who are interested in QR code can make them by their selves. You will need the help of some applications, so download them first before making a QR code. These are the steps on how to create QR code for maps.

1. Download the App

There are many apps that people can use to make a QR code of a location. Some of the best apps that people often use are, and many more. Therefore, before even choosing the location, make sure you have the apps to make the QR code. Many apps are free, so don’t worry about the price.

2. Choose Map Application

After choosing the app you will be using, choose the map app that you want to use in the QR code making app. One of the apps that most people use is Google Maps as it is one of the most complete maps there is. Insert the name/location of the app into the data system.

3. Choose the Location

The next way on how to create QR code for maps is by choosing the location you want to share. When choosing the location, make sure to put the pin in the right place. This is important because you will be sharing this location with other people. So, if you share the wrong information people will also receive the wrong location. Double-check the pin and address so you don’t make a mistake.

4. Choose the Type of Map

Before your QR code is done, you can choose between making the code into a map or satellite. Whichever type you choose they both will give the directions. So, choose the type of map you prefer using.

5. Convert – Download QR Code

When you have done all the steps above, next convert then downloads the QR code. You can download it and send it to your email before sending it to others. Next just copy-paste it to the invitation or wherever you want to share the QR code.

So, the steps on how to create QR code for maps is easy, simple and free. If you are planning for an occasion it best to include the QR code to help people find their direction. So, make your QR code with these steps and share it with others.