How To Create Instagram Highlights On Your Profile

Instagram is a social media that is popular among young people these past few years. Using social media, people can share their photos and video by posting them online. Instagram then developed its feature in having Instastory, letting people post photos or videos too on their profile. The story will last for around 24 hours and then vanish. Now Instagram has developed its feature again by developing Instagram highlights. This will help users highlight their important postings without having to find the post. So, how to create Instagram highlights on your profile?

People usually use Instagram highlights to show important posting or give information. On Instagram, your highlights will be placed on your profile page. This way people can easily see what you highlight and save them. Different from stories highlights last longer unless people erase them on their own. So, how to create Instagram highlights to show some posts?

1. Choose the Post

The first thing do is open your profile page on your Instagram. On the bottom part, you will see a plus sign in circles. Click the circles and then you will see a few options of your stories. You can choose as much post for the highlight because there is no limitation yet for the quantity. Then select and the story that you want to make as a highlight.

2. Determining the Name & Cover

After adding the stories, the next step is determining the name and the cover of your highlight.  Click the edit mode and type the name of your highlight. Name it based on the content of the highlight so people can easily know them. Then choose the cover of your highlight what will be shown in the bottom part of your profile.

3. Save / Finish

The next step on how to create Instagram highlights is just by hitting the Save/ Finish button on your screen. It will take some time before the story appears on your screen. If one day you want to edit your highlight, you can easily click the highlight again and click edit.

4. Add Highlight Without Posting

Usually, people can make Instagram highlight after they have posted a story. However, it is possible to make your own highlight without having to post it on the story first. All you need to do is post your story private without anyone seeing it. This will make your highlight seem that it has never been posted before.

5. Changing the Cover

You can make your own custom cover for the highlight that you have saved. All you need to do is click which highlights you want to change by clicking edit. Then, choose edit cover and choose the other pictures you want as a cover. Therefore, before doing this step make sure the cover you want to use is saved in your gallery.

So, how to create Instagram highlights are very easy and useful at the same time. Without having to worry that it will disappear, people can now save what they think important here.  So, make sure to use the highlights wisely especially if you are giving information.