Free Best Apps For Video Editor IOS To Use

People nowadays often upload video content. Whether to upload on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and other social media. Moreover, people now do not need a professional camera and even a computer or laptop for editing. They could do it all with only using a handphone. Now, there is plenty of best apps for video editor IOS that people could use easily and for free.

Not only could that people edit on videos that they record. But people also often use pictures and edit them as a video. Editing video has become an activity that people often do, especially for those who are social content makers. Rather than editing it on a computer or laptop, which is complicated and somehow hard. It is better and easier to use the best apps for video editor IOS. Here are some apps that people could try and use for editing.

1. iMovie

The first application that people would often use is iMovie. It is an original application directly from Apple for the users to use. There are many features that people could use. Starting from using different themes, filters, insert music, cut, crop, combine, and even add some narrations. However, at first, the interface might be confusing for some people. Especially for those who are not used to Apple. But people would then get used to it.

2. Videorama Video Editor

Videorama Video Editor is also one of the free best apps for video editor IOS to use. For those who want to edit their video in a square, portrait or landscape version, this app could do it. Furthermore, users could download other free music, pictures, and images to complete their video. As for the features, it has many tools starting from texts, filters, transition effects, and more.

3. Adobe Premiere Clip

For those who usually use Adobe for editing files, this application would suite well. Adobe Premiere Clip would allow the users to edit videos in an enlarged way. Starting from controlling the video’s effect exposure, highlights, shadows, and more. Just like the apps on the computer. Despite the various tools, the application does not provide music in it. However, users could still insert music on their own.

4. Splice

Splice is the fourth-best apps for video editor IOS to use. The application would allow users to use music from the iTunes Library. As for the features, users would able to trim, cut, crop, effect, filter, text, and more. Editing with this app is easy and fast. Users then could save the videos and share them directly with several social media.

5. Magisto Video Editor and Maker

For those who want to edit videos in a different way, Magisto is a great app to use. Rather than just editing videos with basic editing tools, this app provides many styles and themes for users to use. Starting from traveling, fashion, and more. As for the music, the app provides much music with sorted by its genres.

The best apps for video editor IOS are easy, fun, and quick to use. Users are also able to choose the quality of the video, so they could also manage their handphone’s memory. Moreover, the apps are free to download for the app store.