Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is all about how you transform a business to integrate them together by implementing multiple technologies, operate seamlessly and add value to customers.

CWT has been at the forefront on building capabilities in this emerging technology and we collaborate with all stakeholders in building, website, web portals, enterprise applications, CRM’s, Mobile Apps and offer a wide variety of digital solutions so that our clients can improve efficiency, increase productivity, add value to their customers and grow.

Block Chain Technology

The general misconception is that blockchain technology is all about crypto-currency. Block Chain technology has evolved from bitcoins but it is not about it, in fact, Block Chain Technology is much more and beyond crypto-currency.

Block Chain Technology is one among the fastest emerging technology that is taking the world by storm. As the very name specifies it creates blocks of multiple records chained together and tracked easily. Every single transaction can be easily tracked, monitored and retrieved using Block Chain Technology.

Financial institutions such as Banks, Insurance, Stock Exchanges are already implementing Block Chain Technologies and many more industries such as supply chain management, healthcare are exploring options how they can improve customer services with Block Chain.

We at CWT are working on building resources on Block Chain Technologies and are exploring options how we can add value to our existing clients and build a new customer base on Block Chain Technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI has engulfed the world. AI is defined as machines will be able to do this that humans generally do such as visual perception, understanding or speech recognition and making decisions.

Machines are built with the capability to rationalize, analyze, understand and carry out tasks normally human beings do. Machines learning are some of the technologies widely used to build such capabilities.

We are working on building capabilities in terms of infrastructure, resources, tools, and technologies to foray into AI and offer services in this area.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is another technology that has already taken the world by storm. IoT basically refers to the creation of a network of all machines we use in our daily life – from home to office.

Software, Sensors, and other technologies are embedded to make our lives easy by connecting all the devices and machines, Refrigerators, A/C’s at home to cars, and all office equipment are connected to make use of them seamlessly. The network of physical devices with internet connectivity and with it the communication is established between the physical devices.

CWT is working on offering quality services centered on IoT so that our clients can benefit from it immensely.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is creating reality by juxtaposing the real world images with the computer generated images, which provide a holistic view of both the worlds.

Augmented reality is being used and implemented across multiple industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, and others. A combination of the real and virtual world enables users to make smart decisions when objects are superimposed on one another.

We at CWT have been working in offering a wide variety of Augmented Reality solutions to some of the real estate companies in identifying the plans for home and how they can help their customers make the right decision in choosing a home.

Virtual Reality

Creating a virtual reality that which does not exist through a computer-generated simulation is what virtual reality is all about. Virtual Reality means seeing things through a computer-generated simulation that we normally may not see or experience.

A believable interactive 3-dimensional virtual view through virtual reality can be created to see and experience things as if they are happening around us. Virtual Reality is extensively used in movies, gaming and entertainment and other industries.

CWT has always been exploring options and working with multiple industries to bring to for the world of virtual reality and make it a reality to solve problems of our clients.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a process by which design teams come up with innovative ideas on how best to improve and enhance the user experience. Design Thinking is aimed at solving practical problems, wherein businesses are increasingly inclined to look into factors that are centered on users experience when using or handling a product, website or any other machines.

Design Thinking is extensively used in Software/IT industry in improving and enhancing user experience on the website, web apps, and mobile apps.

CWT is at the forefront of offering design thinking concepts and our design team is trained in creating a rich and user-friendly experience so that our clients benefit from it.