67. Reasons Why Laptop Can’t Connect to iPhone Hotspot & How to Fix It

Not being able to connect to your mobile hotspot can be irritating especially when you need it. These days, many people with iPhone have been experiencing this problem, because they can’t connect their laptop to their iPhone. Well, before finding the solution, people should find the reason why laptop can’t connect to iPhone hotspot.

To make sure that both your hotspot and laptop is running well, try to connect them to another device. If they connect, then there might be something wrong with the connection between the two devices. Try out these steps to see the cause and fix your laptop to connect to your iPhone:

1. List of Wi-Fi Full

One of the reasons that can cause your laptop not to connect to the iPhone hotspot is because it is too full. Whether the iPhone or laptops list, if they are too full sometimes, they can’t connect. Therefore, if this happens try erasing some of the lists on your phone or laptop. Usually, after erasing some and restarting it can help you connect.

2. Same Name as Other Devices

Another possible reason why laptop can’t connect to iPhone hotspot is because of the name of the device. Your laptop may have connected to other devices with the same name. Therefore, you can’t connect to the iPhone hotspot.

To fix this problem, erase the name of the current hotspot of your phone. You can also change the name of your iPhone hotspot, so the same issue doesn’t happen again. Then, try to add and connect to the device you are going to use.

3. Update software

Sometimes the issue can also be caused by systems that are not updated or the other way around. Therefore, if you are using an old system, update the system. Make sure that both your iPhone and laptop are using the latest version of the software.

On the other hand, if you just updated your system, usually it will not automatically connect. You may need to restart your phone to connect the hotspot. Or you can also forget the hotspot and reconnect it again from the start.

4. Use Trouble Shooter

If you have tried all the steps above, and your laptop still can’t connect then run the troubleshooter. You can run this by pressing window + l and choose network & internet. Click the menu, and a grey menu on the left side of the screen will occur. Choose the menu status and on the right side of the page choose network troubleshooter.

Click that option and Windows will show errors that occurred on the computer. To fix those errors, follow the steps given until the end. After you follow the instructions, you can connect to the hotspot.

5. Antivirus Blocking

The next possible reason why laptop can’t connect to iPhone hotspot is because of the antivirus on the laptop. Most antivirus will block unknown sources that can cause malware. Therefore, if you want to connect to your iPhone, try turning off your antivirus first.

These are some of the most possible reasons why laptop can’t connect to iPhone hotspot. Usually, after trying these steps, people can connect to their hotspot and start browsing. So, don’t panic when your laptop can’t connect to your hotspot. Because there sure is a reason why it can’t connect.