why laptop can't connect to iphone hotspot

67. Reasons Why Laptop Can’t Connect to iPhone Hotspot & How to Fix It

Not being able to connect to your mobile hotspot can be irritating especially when you need it. These days, many people with iPhone have been experiencing this problem, because they can’t connect their laptop to their iPhone. Well, before finding the solution, people should find the reason why laptop can’t connect to iPhone hotspot.

To make sure that both your hotspot and laptop is running well, try to connect them to another device. If they connect, then there might be something wrong with the connection between the two devices. Try out these steps to see the cause and fix your laptop to connect to your iPhone:

1. List of Wi-Fi Full

One of the reasons that can cause your laptop not to connect to the iPhone hotspot is because it is too full. Whether the iPhone or laptops list, if they are too full sometimes, they can’t connect. Therefore, if this happens try erasing some of the lists on your phone or laptop. Usually, after erasing some and restarting it can help you connect.

2. Same Name as Other Devices

Another possible reason why laptop can’t connect to iPhone hotspot is because of the name of the device. Your laptop may have connected to other devices with the same name. Therefore, you can’t connect to the iPhone hotspot.

To fix this problem, erase the name of the current hotspot of your phone. You can also change the name of your iPhone hotspot, so the same issue doesn’t happen again. Then, try to add and connect to the device you are going to use.

3. Update software

Sometimes the issue can also be caused by systems that are not updated or the other way around. Therefore, if you are using an old system, update the system. Make sure that both your iPhone and laptop are using the latest version of the software.

On the other hand, if you just updated your system, usually it will not automatically connect. You may need to restart your phone to connect the hotspot. Or you can also forget the hotspot and reconnect it again from the start.

4. Use Trouble Shooter

If you have tried all the steps above, and your laptop still can’t connect then run the troubleshooter. You can run this by pressing window + l and choose network & internet. Click the menu, and a grey menu on the left side of the screen will occur. Choose the menu status and on the right side of the page choose network troubleshooter.

Click that option and Windows will show errors that occurred on the computer. To fix those errors, follow the steps given until the end. After you follow the instructions, you can connect to the hotspot.

5. Antivirus Blocking

The next possible reason why laptop can’t connect to iPhone hotspot is because of the antivirus on the laptop. Most antivirus will block unknown sources that can cause malware. Therefore, if you want to connect to your iPhone, try turning off your antivirus first.

These are some of the most possible reasons why laptop can’t connect to iPhone hotspot. Usually, after trying these steps, people can connect to their hotspot and start browsing. So, don’t panic when your laptop can’t connect to your hotspot. Because there sure is a reason why it can’t connect.

online converter jpg to pdf

Best Of Online Converter JPG to PDF That Eases Your Work

Sometimes working can be so frustrated when you have to be in a cross-unit or team. One of the problems is about sending the document. In this digital era and also the eco-friendly environment becomes more concerned, the printed document is minimized. Today people share the document with each other via e-mail. Here when you probably get the document format is different from what you need. Thus, you should know the free online converter jpg to pdf to ease your work.

The reason why people use the online converter jpg to pdf is to get a smaller size file, but that is only one of the reasons. Besides, they don’t have to install any software because that takes time. By converting via online, you can directly download the file once it is finished converting. If you are quite intense in converting files, then see the best converter below, especially for jpg to pdf:

1. Smallpdf.com

Smallpdf.com is a helpful platform to convert and edit any document, including for pdf. When you finally succeed change the format, you can edit that file in pdf version, such as entering the page number, gathering several pdf files, and many more. This online web-based offers you a free service for compress too. So, if you think the result is still big enough, then make it smaller in smallpdf.com.

2. Convert-jpg-to-pdf.net

Converting file in this online service is as easy as clicking the document and wait in seconds. Surprisingly, you can also adjust the page size and margins once it becomes a pdf. Don’t worry if the result doesn’t show what you want. You are able to change again later. The service allows you to reconvert the pdf into jpg again with the same process.

3. Ps2pdf.com

If this is your first time to convert the jpg file into pdf, then ps2pdf.com is the best choice. It starts from its first page, you will be directed on how to convert the file. No need to confuse about doing the conversion. Just follow the direction because it is very clear and detail. The good news is ps2pdf.com supports all the platforms you use.

4. Ilovepdf.com

Just like its name, you will love this converter for sure because the interface is very simple and clear. Whether you click the files or drag into the page, you only need seconds to get the pdf format. Or, you are also able to take the file from Google Drive or Dropbox. So, there is no problem wherever your file saved.

5. Sejda.com

Do you want more details in editing pdf? Then, sedja.com is your lifesaver. Once the file is changed into pdf, you can do anything you want to it. Not only merging several documents and entering the page number, but you can also split the page based on a bookmark, text, and others. This one is the complete package for your needs.

So, now, can you imagine if there is no online converter jpg to pdf like those all? Just say thanks to the developer who did this very useful thing. People’s work would be easier, faster, and more effective.

how to remove notification on chrome

The Easiest Ways On How To Remove Notification On Chrome For You!

Google Chrome is one useful application to search for something on the internet. This application allows you to reach a lot of interesting things and also some useful information from all of the country. But using this application does not mean you are free from any problems. Some people usually asking for how to remove notification on chrome due to some notification problems. It can disturb you while you are focus on doing something on your PC.

Like another browser, Google Chrome also has features to let some websites send the notification permission. If you allow them to give you some notifications, this can be the reason how is the problem begins. However, for some people outside there, these notifications from Chrome are very useful. This is the fastest way to get the newest information you may need. If you still think it disturbs you, these are the way how to remove notification on chrome.

Open the Setting Button

Google has different settings for Chrome on a PC or Android but it still has the same principle. For Chrome on a PC, the first thing you should do to remove Chrome’s notification is to open the application. This is because all the notification settings are placed in each application, not in general in Windows. The next step is to click three dots on the right top corner of the application.

After clicking the three dots, there will appear some features and you should choose the settings. If the settings tab is already opened, just scroll down and find the advanced button. The advanced button will bring you to some basic settings on Chrome. For example, on your Chrome will appear the settings for the languages, downloads, and many more.

Find the Annoying Website and Block It!

Next, you can choose Site Settings, if you can’t find it just scroll down and read it carefully. After choosing the Site Settings, like usually, there will appear some settings again that probably will make you confused. However, you don’t need to be worry you choose the wrong button because you only need to repeat it from the start. Scroll down your screen and then choose the Notifications option there. There will appear a lot of sites that you have allowed their permission to give notification before.

From here, you need to remember what kind of sites that disturb you with many annoying notifications. If you think that you don’t need any notification again, just click the slider button in line with notifications. But if you only need to shut the notifications from some sites, just scroll down and then found for those sites. Click the three dots in line with that application then choose the Block button.

So there are the easiest steps on how to remove notification on Chrome we can give for you. Removing notification on Chrome probably too long and it can make you confused sometimes. So do it steps by step while you are reading this article. Hope this article can help you and good luck!

how to create apple id without credit card

Step By Step How To Create Apple ID Without Credit Card On iPhone And MacBook

Having an Apple device, such as an iPhone and MacBook and a PC requires Apple Id.  This is useful so that important data is not lost.  Sometimes in making Apple Id paid and not paid, often the payment is often using a credit card.  But how about you, if you don’t have a credit card? Absolutely yes. The following will explain how to create Apple id without credit card, namely:

Know the Payment Method at the Time of Registration

Apple id registration always requests payment methods.  Apple always asks for credit card information for payment methods.  But if you don’t have a credit card, you can still use other payment methods.  That is because Apple has a special system for making purchases contained in the Apple Store.  So as to provide convenience for each transaction.

Although at the time of registration, it can be done without payment, so, how to create Apple id without credit card. These methods include Apple Pay, which is a digital wallet on Apple, Debit card and Credit card, and other payment methods that differ depending on each region

Apple ID registration on iPhone

If you don’t have a credit card, you can still register for an Apple ID using a debit card or other applicable payment method. So, you know how to create Apple id without credit card. The following explanation :

  1. Choose the App Store, then choose the profile photo.
  2. Select and you just tap Create
  3. Type your email, and choose the country or region that corresponds to the billing address for the payment method.
  4. You provide to get a new Apple ID. * Read Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, then click agree to Terms and Conditions.
  5. Then click Next. Type of your biodata, including your name and date of birth, then click to subscribe to Apple Update if you want. You will receive the latest news, software, products, and services from Apple. 
  6. In the payment column, select the payment method that you would do without a credit card, you can using debit cards and other payment methods. Then click Next.  You can also choose None, and learn what to do if Nothing does appear or you cannot select it.  You can change or delete payment details later.
  7. You just rewrite a telephone number for confirming. This step can help verify your identity and recover your account if needed. Once finish click next.
  8. You will receive a verification email, then follow the instructions to verify the email address.  Learn what to do. And finish.

Apple ID Registration on MacBook

How to create an Apple id without a credit card, you can do it during registration on a MacBook.  The following explanation step by steps:

  1. Choose the App Store, then search for the free app.
  2. Click Install.
  3. Tap Create. The application will ask you to enter payment information, select None for the type of payment or select your debit card if you don’t have a credit card See what to do if None is displayed or you cannot select it.
  4. After those steps are done. You will receive an email confirmation to verify your data.

That is easy, right? Hopefully, this article can inspire those of you who don’t have a credit card. Now, you just create, how to create Apple id without credit card.

How to create instagram highlights

How To Create Instagram Highlights On Your Profile

Instagram is a social media that is popular among young people these past few years. Using social media, people can share their photos and video by posting them online. Instagram then developed its feature in having Instastory, letting people post photos or videos too on their profile. The story will last for around 24 hours and then vanish. Now Instagram has developed its feature again by developing Instagram highlights. This will help users highlight their important postings without having to find the post. So, how to create Instagram highlights on your profile?

People usually use Instagram highlights to show important posting or give information. On Instagram, your highlights will be placed on your profile page. This way people can easily see what you highlight and save them. Different from stories highlights last longer unless people erase them on their own. So, how to create Instagram highlights to show some posts?

1. Choose the Post

The first thing do is open your profile page on your Instagram. On the bottom part, you will see a plus sign in circles. Click the circles and then you will see a few options of your stories. You can choose as much post for the highlight because there is no limitation yet for the quantity. Then select and the story that you want to make as a highlight.

2. Determining the Name & Cover

After adding the stories, the next step is determining the name and the cover of your highlight.  Click the edit mode and type the name of your highlight. Name it based on the content of the highlight so people can easily know them. Then choose the cover of your highlight what will be shown in the bottom part of your profile.

3. Save / Finish

The next step on how to create Instagram highlights is just by hitting the Save/ Finish button on your screen. It will take some time before the story appears on your screen. If one day you want to edit your highlight, you can easily click the highlight again and click edit.

4. Add Highlight Without Posting

Usually, people can make Instagram highlight after they have posted a story. However, it is possible to make your own highlight without having to post it on the story first. All you need to do is post your story private without anyone seeing it. This will make your highlight seem that it has never been posted before.

5. Changing the Cover

You can make your own custom cover for the highlight that you have saved. All you need to do is click which highlights you want to change by clicking edit. Then, choose edit cover and choose the other pictures you want as a cover. Therefore, before doing this step make sure the cover you want to use is saved in your gallery.

So, how to create Instagram highlights are very easy and useful at the same time. Without having to worry that it will disappear, people can now save what they think important here.  So, make sure to use the highlights wisely especially if you are giving information.

Managing Variance In Online Casino Games

Difference, or instability as it is now and then called, has a particular importance in associations with online club games. Games with high change are those games that will pay out rarely yet will pay out huge sums when they do as such. Games with low change are those that pay out every now and again yet in modest quantities. The range of difference is as constant as that of light. So every club player needs to deal with their gaming as indicated by the ideal difference. This article picks three well known online gambling club games classes and recommends techniques for overseeing fluctuation.

Slot machines are the most well known of agen judi casino online games. In contemporary slot games players can do essentially nothing other than picking the wager sum. The difference of the slot machine comes fixed by the parameters bestowed by the game engineer. Be that as it may, slot machines are made with various differences. The main method for overseeing difference is picking an slot machine proportionate with your goals. A few slots designers have begun demonstrating the difference level in the game standards, making it simple for players to pick.

In other slot machines, players need to make an assessment dependent on the accessible parameters. The more noteworthy the quantity of paylines for a given reels structure, the lower will be the fluctuation. In this way, for a 5×3 slot machine 243 different ways will have the most reduced fluctuation though 9 paylines will have high change. The bigger the greatest payout, the almost certain is the slot machine to have high change.

The standard no nonsense online blackjack variations are extremely low change games. With the wager paying even cash generally there is little degree for unpredictability. Online blackjack players searching for higher difference ought to go for variations with side wagers or reward payouts. Immaculate Pairs and Hi Lo 13 are models. High Streak Blackjack expands unpredictability by offering increased payouts for series of wins. For the most part there will be negligible decrease in normal return for higher differences.

Online roulette fits immaculate difference the board. There are an enormous number of wagers with various payouts at a similar normal return. The wagers on 18 numbers, similar to red and dark, pay even cash. The most noteworthy payout of 35 to 1 is for single number wagers. There are five choices in the middle of so you can go for the difference you want. You can additionally calibrate your wagering through numerous wagers of various payouts. A normally practiced alternative is a solitary number wager and an even cash wager in a similar turn.

how to change spotify username

Options On How to Change Spotify Username

There is now a lot of online music platform that people could and listen to. With the online platform, people could listen to songs whether they like without buying the CD or buying the song. Some platforms even provide its video clip and lyric. One of the music platforms that people often use is Spotify. However, there is a unique thing about Spotify. Unlikely like other social media platforms, people are not able to change their username. But there is still a way on how to change Spotify username.

When signing up at the beginning, people would enter using their email address or Facebook account. For those who use the email address, they would able to create their own username. Meanwhile, for those who use the Facebook account, then the username that shows up would be the same as Facebook. Here are some options on how to change Spotify username.

1. Change Facebook’s Username

The first thing that people could do to change their username is specific for those who register using Facebook. As told before, for people who register with using Facebook, their username would be exactly like their Facebook username. To change their Spotify username, all they need is to change their Facebook username. It would then automatically change the Spotify’s username as well. Make sure those two-app merge together to change both usernames.

2. Login to the Email Address and Connect to Facebook

For those who have already registered with using an email address, but want to change their username, still can. The next option on how to change Spotify’s username is login in with the email address. After that, connect it to Facebook.

People would also need to enter some info that they have entered on register. Next, people could connect it through a PC or a handphone. However, make sure that the Facebook on the PC or handphone is already our account. Otherwise, it would not a success.

3. Create a New Account Through Facebook

As another alternative, people could also just create a new account. However, to ease people if they want to change the username again one day, register through Facebook. Make sure that the Facebook account on the device is already using our device. Otherwise, once it is done, people would then not able to change their username, again.

4. Make a New Account

The next option on how to change Spotify’s username is by creating a new account. But do not worry about losing the previous record or playlist. After creating a new account and using the username that we want, we could get the previous record back. Just contact the Spotify’s customer support and request to transfer every detail to the new account. After that, close the previous account.

5. Change the Display Name

People might not be able to change their username on Spotify. If people do not want to make a new account, they could simply do another option. People could still change their display name and customize it.

People might want to change their username on their accounts, including on Spotify. Even though people could not directly change it, there are still some options on how to change Spotify username. Before changing it, make sure the username is final.

how to create qr code for maps

How To Create QR Code For Maps To Share Location

With the development of technology, everything has now become easier and possible including sharing location. These days people can easily know the path or ways of a location using maps online. There are many kinds of apps that provide maps to show the direction of a location to ease people. However, these technologies have become even more advanced because people can now show a location just from a QR code. Just with a QR code, people will just need to scan it and they will get the directions of the place. So how to create QR code for maps to share with people?

These past few years QR code has become a trend. Many people in their invitation insert a QR code that people can scan to show their location. This is very useful as people don’t need to get confused in looking for directions. Now for those who are interested in QR code can make them by their selves. You will need the help of some applications, so download them first before making a QR code. These are the steps on how to create QR code for maps.

1. Download the App

There are many apps that people can use to make a QR code of a location. Some of the best apps that people often use are QRStuff.com, goo.gl and many more. Therefore, before even choosing the location, make sure you have the apps to make the QR code. Many apps are free, so don’t worry about the price.

2. Choose Map Application

After choosing the app you will be using, choose the map app that you want to use in the QR code making app. One of the apps that most people use is Google Maps as it is one of the most complete maps there is. Insert the name/location of the app into the data system.

3. Choose the Location

The next way on how to create QR code for maps is by choosing the location you want to share. When choosing the location, make sure to put the pin in the right place. This is important because you will be sharing this location with other people. So, if you share the wrong information people will also receive the wrong location. Double-check the pin and address so you don’t make a mistake.

4. Choose the Type of Map

Before your QR code is done, you can choose between making the code into a map or satellite. Whichever type you choose they both will give the directions. So, choose the type of map you prefer using.

5. Convert – Download QR Code

When you have done all the steps above, next convert then downloads the QR code. You can download it and send it to your email before sending it to others. Next just copy-paste it to the invitation or wherever you want to share the QR code.

So, the steps on how to create QR code for maps is easy, simple and free. If you are planning for an occasion it best to include the QR code to help people find their direction. So, make your QR code with these steps and share it with others.

how to reset windows 10 without login

How To Reset Windows 10 Without Login Easily

Doing Windows 10 reset often occurs if the problem is affected by a virus or other problems. But sometimes we have to login first, before resetting.  If you forget your password? The big problem happened. You must know how to reset Windows 10 without login. Here are the steps:

Know The Level Of Damage

The first step, how to reset Windows 10 without login. You must know. Before doing a reset, you must know the level of damage in Windows 10. Thus, there is an appropriate solution to resolve the issue.  Here is the level of damage to Windows 10, namely:

The first level, some of the features available on Windows 10, do not work properly.  The virus has hidden this feature.  Don’t worry, you can still reset Windows 10, even without logging in, to fix it.  Thus, you need to learn the steps to how to reset Windows 10 without logging in.

The second level of damage is Windows logs out on its own, even when the user is using it.  This is because the level of spread of the virus has become more extensive than the first level.

The third level of damage in Windows 10, namely the occurrence of a black link or monitor screen suddenly blanks and the monitor looks dead.  This happened, in addition to being caused by a virus, also because the first installation process did not run perfectly.  Therefore, in that case, the user must reinstall.

Steps Reset Windows 10

After knowing the damage levels, that way you can solve your problem in the right way. Thus, here are how to reset Windows 10 without login in step by step:

  • Firstly, click the “Windows logo”, then click “Settings” or gear logo.
  • Afterward, click “Update & Security”.
  • Once finished, then click “Recovery”, then click “Get Started”. Later, there will be three choices later, you are free to choose whichever you need.  Here are some choices. Then at the “Keep My Files” option, if you want your personal data to be saved. Do remember, that the “Remove Everything” option is an option where your hard disk will be formatted clean so that there is no data left except the Windows operating. Meanwhile, the “Restore Factory Setting” option, this option only exists on factory or OEM packaged computers.  Its function is to restore the settings to the original position just like leaving the factory.
  • Then, continue to click “Next” and “Next” instead.
  • Finally, click “Reset”.  Then you only need to wait for the reset process or reinstall to finish.

Make it Easily

By studying the steps above.  Resetting Windows 10 is easier because you don’t need to log in.  Especially for those of you who forget the password to log in.  This method is the easiest way to reset Windows 10 without logging in.

However, the severity of virus damage in Windows 10 is very influential.  If your Windows 10 is badly damaged, then inevitably you have to reinstall, which of course takes a long time.  If there is an easy way, then, you no longer need to log in.

How to reset Windows 10 without login in is an easy way to reset.  But beforehand, please know the level of damage that occurs in Windows 10. If there is an easy way?  For what do the hard way.

Best apps for bikers

Best Apps For Bikers To Download And Use

Bikers would not only need a bike to travel, with equipment such as helmet, jackets, and footwear. Bikers would also need some applications to help and support their journey. Whether going on a far trip or not, it is important for bikers to use the best apps for bikers.  With the help of technology, it could ease everybody including the bikers. It could make people’s trip easier and more comfortable.

With the presence of the application, bikers would be helped with many things. Starting from knowing the right track and what would appear on it. Also, to know the next petrol station and even the weather prediction. There are many advantages to using apps for bikers.  Here is the list of the best apps for bikers to download and to use during road trips.

1. Pirelli Diablo Super Bike

The first app that bikers should use is the Pirelli Diablo SuperBike. People would not need to have a Pirelli back to use this application. Pirelli Diablo SuperBike is an application that allows users to ride on the track. It would give users the information about angle calculation, the maximum acceleration, and more. Bikers could download it for free. Moreover, bikers could also share their record of biking through social media, like on Facebook.

2. Eat Sleep Ride

Eat Sleep Ride is also one of the best apps for bikers to have. Bikers could track their speed, routes, and even the mileage on this app. They could also record it and share the ride on social media. Moreover, this app is great to use while attending a club tour for the whole member. Each member could track each other’s locations so that they do not spread too far. As an addition, there are also some challenging with the winning board with prizes in it!

3. Best Biking Roads

This app is totally suitable for bikers that love new adventure and rides. With the best Biking Roads app, bikers could go riding with several options that are not commonplace. The roads are also recommended by other members of the app and they have tried it by themselves. Moreover, bikers would also able to see the videos, pictures, and info that bikers would need.

4. Waze

Waze is also one of the next best apps for bikers to have. The app is not useful for bikers but also for other riders. It is navigation that shows the map, real-time traffic, and its information. Waze is updated with the accident info and contemporary closed roads. Bikers would also be able to see other member locations with this app.

5. Moto Magazine

To get to know the last updated info about biking news and the others, bikers should download the Moto Magazine. It is an app about the moto magazine. People could download the magazine for free! Bikers could know many things with this app, starting from the international races, the updated kits and more.

The best apps for bikers are not only for the bikers to use during the road only but also for their daily info. However, some of the apps might need some payment for some occasions. But do not worry because it is worth with the info in it.